In Our Backyard, On Our Watch

Thousands of children are being intentionally, directly killed by abortion every day in the U.S. (in terms of loss of human life, it’s a 9/11 every day). And for every child killed, it’s also a pregnant mom in need being horrifically exploited for profit by the deceptive lie of abortion that seeks to turn the mother against the child growing in her womb.

If it were “legal” to kill, any other category of human beings, would we stand by each day as thousands were being intentionally, directly killed?

We must honestly admit our desensitization to the evil of abortion. We must humbly repent of our silence and passivity.

How long will we allow the government-sanctioned mass murder of the preborn to continue? When will we rise up, say “no more” and “never again,” and commit ourselves to peaceful, prayerful, public protest?

The time is NOW. And it will continue to be NOW, until abortion, like other human rights atrocities of the past, is history: illegal in law and unthinkable in culture.

Whatever other good work you are devoted to, we all have a responsibility to take direct, non-violent action to stand against the ongoing, massive human rights atrocity of abortion.

Together, let’s STAND OUT FOR LIFE and help bring forth a new era where the human dignity and right to life for all is rightly valued and protected, including the most vulnerable among us who are in most desperate need of our help.

COUNT ME IN! How Can I Participate?

Take courage and Stand Out for Life, wherever you may be, every week for at least one hour.

Just grab a pro-life sign (you can get a great one here) and publicly take a stand in your local community outside of a local abortion center, or any high traffic area, like an exit ramp, street corner, city hall, etc.

The point is for us to bring our pro-life convictions out into public witness for at least an hour every week for an end to abortion.

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